Why Custom Challenge Coins Are Special For Students

Challenge CoinsEducational institutions use different ways to promote their organizations. Conventional and popular methods include the use of coffee mugs, pens, and T-shirts with a logo of their schools. Challenge coins are one of the latest marketing ideas that schools use. Creating custom challenge coins for your school is great for promoting your organization. Because these coins offer a unique way of marketing, they are becoming more and more popular in schools these days.

Another reason for its popularity is because of the fact that teachers and school administrators want something more tangible in order to show appreciation and pride to their students, and also to motivate them to do better. This is something that other marketing items fail to achieve. There are also lots of options available for the design of these custom challenge coins. The experts can help you come up with a design that features a unique image that represents your school.

Where Challenge Coins Started

The US military has an age-old tradition of using a challenge coin, which is why these coins are sometimes also called military coins. Since World War I, these coins have been given out to soldiers as a way of honoring them and as a reward for a successful mission. Moreover, military servicemen used these coins to have a sense of unity among them. Many years later, different schools use them to express pride among the students and to promote the development of friendships.


Following what the military has started, schools also now honor their students using customized challenge coins, particularly their graduates. Educational leaders use these coins to acknowledge their students in the special moments of their lives.

What Schools are Using These Coins?

Schools all throughout the world are giving away custom coins to their students to ignite their school pride. Deans, administrators, and leaders of training corps give these items as a token of appreciation and also to honor their graduates. The educational institutions that use these coins include:

• Universities and colleges

• High schools

• ROTC or Reserve Officers’ Training Corps

• JROTC or Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

These schools understand that a custom coin is a great way to recognize the achievements of their students and it is something that they can treasure for a long time.

Handing Out Custom Challenge Coins in Schools

Leaders know the importance of encouraging young people to have a sense of pride for their achievements. Many schools hand out special coins during these occasions:

• Sport events, particularly when the school wins state championship tournaments

• Graduations

• Helping in the community

• Academic achievements, such as being a valedictorian or achieving honor roll status

• Positive behavior

When schools recognize these moments in their students’ lives, adults demonstrate the behavior they work hard for as good citizens that they want young people to do as well. These special coins allow the students to remember the events that are so special to them. Challenge coin manufacturers can imprint a design on the coins with a unique emblem that students would associate with their school.

Common Designs of Challenge Coins

There are numerous types of designs that educational institutions can imprint of the face of a custom challenge coin to celebrate a special event. These are some of the most common types of designs:

• School logo

• Class slogan

• Graduation year

• Student’s name

• School mascot

These are excellent options that your school can choose from when designing your challenge coin. Certainly, the good thing about these coins is that you can customize them in many different ways. One of the most important things you have to remember when creating your own challenge coin is to make sure that they are unique. They have to be something that people would instantly recognize that is part of your school. You can do this by using the common designs stated above, especially the school logo and mascot, which can be easily identified as connected to your school.

Custom Challenge Coins

The manufacturers  believe that the accomplishments of the youth set them on the right path to become successful as adults. The schools must understand that these accomplishments are important to students. For this reason, it is just right to honor students with special tokens like custom challenge coins. Many schools are already aware of this that is why they give out these coins during their programs. Whether it is for winning a major sporting event or graduation ceremony, the designs on the coins will have a huge impact on the student’s life. Therefore, your design should be unique and meaningful.

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Custom Badge Lanyards

Keep your badge handy and secure with our excellent collection of custom badge lanyards. With a wide variety of printing styles, materials, attachments, colors, sizes and shapes, you can showcase your organization’s brand, logo or text while keeping its design unique and stylish. Custom lanyards are also great for events, fundraisers or as a giveaway item for trade shows. Keep your brand and logo/text imprinted not only on the lanyards, but also on people’s minds.

We offer high-quality custom lanyards at everyday low wholesale prices. These are ideal for schools, businesses, military, government agencies, hospitals, churches and other institutions. No matter what type of lanyards you need, we have you covered.

Lanyard Styles

From flat, woven, tubular, nylon and dye-sublimated, there are many lanyard style options to choose from. We offer variations to suit everyone’s unique tastes and needs.

Flat Polyester Lanyards

Flat polyester lanyards are our most popular style of custom badge lanyards. Made from a top-quality polyester material, these lanyards offer the perfect balance between cost and function. You can wear our flat polyester lanyard with comfort with your brand name and logo/text proudly printed on top.

Woven Polyester Lanyards

Weave your logo or text into the fabric with our woven lanyards. Using an embroidery-like weaving process, woven polyester lanyards provide an elegant, well-defined look. Since more complex lettering will not be as legible, woven lanyards are recommended for simple logos or texts.


Nylon Lanyards

If you’re looking for premium quality lanyards that provide the most brilliant and visible finish, get our extremely durable Nylon badge lanyards. The nylon material can endure wear and tear and it gives shine that allows the imprinted text or logo to stand out, creating an appealing and engaging appearance. If quality is your main concern, nylon lanyards are your perfect choice.

Tubular Lanyards

Tubular lanyards are fashioned with tube-stitched polyester material similar to the look and feel of a typical shoelace. This style is the most economical choice without compromising performance. Tubular lanyards are the best option if you’re looking for the most cost-effective, custom printed lanyards.

Dye Sublimated Lanyards

Dye sublimated lanyards are your best choice if you’re looking for a truly exciting and unique design. The dye sublimation process allows intricate logos, multiple colors and fine line colors to be completely fused into the polyester fabric. The imprint will not fade, crack or wear off, making dye sublimated lanyards the toughest amongst all types of lanyards.

Color Options

With our extensive selection of lanyard colors, we are sure to have the exact color/s you are looking for. Either you need to distinguish between employee and visitor ID, or simply have the specific color that matches your brand, you can rely on us to ensure that your specifications and preferences are met.

We have just about every color and shade—from black, white, gray, brown, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green, purple, pink and everything in between. Name it and we’ll deliver.

Benefits Of Using Badge Lanyards

Badge lanyards allow you to keep your identification easily visible at all times while keeping your hands free. Unlike clips or pins, lanyards keep your badge held in place without damaging your garment. Our lanyards also have safety features that provide comfort as well as security.

Badge Holders

Pair our quality lanyards with our equally amazing badge holders and you’re all set to have a stylish and professional look. We offer high quality badge holders that conveniently keep key cards, ID badges and similar items on display and always ready for use. Our badge holders come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and in either horizontal or vertical formats, to fit everyone’s card requirements.

We offer just about everything you need to create unique badge lanyards that everyone in the organization will love. We have special wholesale rates that will surely excite you. With our broad range of lanyard styles, shapes, sizes and colors, you can carry your brand name and logo in the most convenient and stylish way.

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What You Need to Know about Golf Bags

A golf bag is probably one of the most important pieces of golf equipment because it bears all the essentials. With a substandard golf bag, things end up being cluttered inside the bag. It should similarly fit the role of a caddie, carrying items to free your hand and bearing game tools that can be acquired without trouble. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned expert in golf, here are some of the things you need to consider when buying a new golf bag.

Rain protection


It’s quite hard to guess the weather in the course so it’s better to be prepared when you’re surprisingly caught up in bad weather condition. A golf cart with weatherproof material is important to shield your tools and equipment. Tailor-made golf offers the 2014 SLDR stand bag with an umbrella sleeve and rain hood.

New designs and features


A lot of innovation has been emerging on golf bag designs. Some zippers become functional and comes in slants that can be unfastened by just one hand. Some exhibit dual straps that quickly slide off to the shoulders. With Rock bottom golf, you can get the latest Taylor made golf stand bag with a towel loop, seven pockets with insulation and velour lining and a nylon patterned handle.

Easy to carry


The transportability of the bag is also important especially if you’re always on the go. It should be able to fit into several modes of carriage. Some bags may be very heavy because of some materials in it. If you’re going to carry it around a lot, choose the one that’s easy to transfer. One of the most advanced golf bags has a handle assembled into the top edge of carry golf bags. Taylor made golf 2014 model only weighs 5.5 pounds despite the high end metal hardware used.



Some golf enthusiasts worry about equipment crashing against each other while inside a golf bag. To secure your golf bag shaft protection, use sturdy cushion that creates a solid division inside your bags. If the divider is hard enough, the paint on your shaft protection may wear out. There are even bags with tools that can grip your items in place while inside the bag to prevent them from cluttering. Another remedy is to keep those covers that you get upon buying and use them as protective covering of your metal woods and clubs.Golf-Bags

 Although dividers do a valuable purpose of organizing your clubs, having a complete 14-way slot can be too weighty. Having six to seven sections is enough, unless you really want to carry with you an entire set with you every time.



For those who are often paying in a cart, the straps shouldn’t be a problem. A strap with padding is most comfortable but those with a stand is more convenient when you will be playing for a short time on a range. Golf cart bags today aren’t as baggy as the trunks in the past. There are more side pockets that are more manageable. They cater to the needs of golfers without a cart. There are some straps with a high end cushion that makes the straps less heavy on one side to create a balance to combat inclined areas. Taylor made golf has created bags with a four point shoulder strap and hip pads that are custom made to fit the needs of golfers.

You can get the latest Taylor made bag through the Rock bottom site with free shipping. It is one of the premiere brands when it comes to golf tools and the bag only costs $199.95. They also have cart bags, cart towel, gloves, golf balls, drivers, umbrellas putters, clubs and even elegant glove cases.

The Risks And Benefits Of Outsourcing PCB Assembly

PCB assembly requires a huge amount of investment. Thus, most original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hires the services of an assembly company. Outsourcing the assembly of printed circuit boards has its advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits Of Outsourcing

Investment Costs

An assembly department requires investment in hiring employee for the assembly team, purchasing specialized equipment for assembly, maintaining the facility and machines, adhering to environmental standards and acquiring certification related to assembly. However, with outsourcing the assembly service, the manufacturer saves thousands of dollars in investing and creating a department for assembly.

Focus On Core Competencies

With the costs of savings, the manufacturer can refocus resources on more pressing matters such as improving and upgrading equipment for higher quality, and enhancing sales distribution channels for the final output.

Quality Product

Hiring the services of assembly houses yields better quality product since these companies specialize in the industry. The machines, labor force, work standards are all geared towards producing excellent PCB assembly units.

Risks Of Outsourcing

PCB Assembly

Outsourcing assembly services has its own risks. These risks include delayed product delivery, inferior quality, products not being compliant to environmental standards and defective assembled boards. Though problems may arise, choosing the right assembly company reduces the risks. With proper selection guide, outsourcing an assembly company yields more benefit than the risks involve.

Guidelines In Choosing An Assembly Company


Choose a company that is near or within the regional location of your manufacturing company. When site surveying, you could visit the assembly company anytime, any day without shelling out money on transportation costs. When problem arises, communication is easier. When a rush order is in place, delivery is faster. These factors help in establishing a stronger customer relationship and in increasing sales for the company.

Equipment Used

Inspect the prospective assembly house’s machines. The company is a good choice if the assembling machines are the latest model. It means the company invests on technological advancements to deliver the latest innovation to their customers. Also, see how the company maintains their equipments. If in case the PCB assembly company does not have the latest model, look into their client portfolio. Perhaps despite the outdated machines, they can still deliver and complete orders in excellent condition.

Workforce Composition

Printed circuit board assembly requires technical knowledge. Review the assembly company’s labor force. Do the employees have technical training and certifications in board assembly?


In electronics, certifications are essential because it means adherence to local and international standards when it comes to quality management. Acquiring certification means the assembly company is serious about quality. There are three highest certifications in electronics industry: International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries

Ability To Meet Deadlines

Evaluate the ability of the PCB assembly company to meet deadlines by reviewing their client’s portfolio. If interview is possible with one or two of the company’s existing clients, schedule it. Also, review the history of their supplier in electronics component if the OEM is not supplying the parts. Through experiences, a manufacturing company can have a clear understanding on how the assembly company deals with tight deadlines.

Costs Of Assembly

Labor costs vary from one place to another. Some states have higher labor rate. Obtain a complete list of the costs of assembly from all the prospective assembler. Compare the list to see which one offers the best price. OEM should also consider transportation expenses.

Long Term Factors

These factors include labor rate increases, transportation costs, delivery time changes, and the manufacturing company’s vision. Consideration of these long-term factors aids the OEM to evaluate how long the outsourcing lasts. Whether the OEM is better off creating an assembly department or not depends on the results of these long-term factors.

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The Defendant’s Selection: How pick the best mortgage defense lawyer

defense lawyerIf you’ve already made up your mind to fight tooth for tooth to keep your property intact, don’t forget to get to know the Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer that will handle your case. For whatever purpose you want your legal battle to go, be it for stalling the inevitable, or flipping the case to be favorable to your end, a trustworthy attorney can help you get your objectives quickly and with finality.

Find a suitable lawyer for your case –

the internet can provide you with the quickest possible means to find an attorney who is fit to become your representative inside a trial court. Alternatively, if you have enough connections, spreading the word that you need a good lawyer may be a quicker way to find a trustworthy candidate to take the job as your attorney.

Know the background of the lawyer you will get –

what you need is an attorney who knows the basic leeway the law can offer to you. You must also check how many cases like the one you are facing did this lawyer won and lost. Aside from this, gauge the attorney’s ability to extract the necessary information from their previous clients. That way, you will have a general idea how will this person do the job to he or she is assigned to do.

Set time to interview your prospective attorney professionally –

you are more likely going to be talking things straightforward so don’t act as if the one you are about to face will give you words of comfort or a pat on the shoulder. Their job is to help you on the halls of justice, not to be your crying shoulder. Never get too personal with them else, complications may arise and your opponents may see this as an opportunity to pin you down to lose your case.

Show your papers, see how the lawyer reacts-

preparing the documentation of the events that transpired from the beginning of your mortgage to the time when the dreaded bank seizure of your property comes knocking on your door. A good lawyer will take a good look at them and will ask relevant questions about the papers you are holding right there and there. Make sure that you never forgot to show anything to the Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer in front of you, because without seeing everything the person needs to look at, that person may never come up with the solution that you need.

Be careful not to get a ‘bogus’ attorney-

there are a lot of top caliber lawyers around that can get you out of your situation methodically. However, be careful not to get tangled with a lawyer who only wants to get their pockets full of cash. When he or she is talking about a direct fee for services which supposedly can cover the litigation expenses from start to finish, the ‘lawyer’ you are talking to may not be a true practitioner of the field.

Peek into the solutions they will introduce to you-

defense-lawyeranother way to measure the ability of a prospective Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer is the way he presents his take about your case. Good attorneys who can really help you to fight off the attempts of your creditor to take your property are going to offer immediate solution to the mess you are in. The will skip thinking about your problems and will do their best to formulate a way out of your predicament.

These tips can help you find that perfect lawyer for you. Remember that the battle ahead of you isn’t a war you can fight and win alone. The technical and professional help of these individuals can save your hard earned property from being taken away from you. You just need to look for the right Long Island foreclosure defense lawyer to assist you in your undertaking.