Custom Badge Lanyards

Keep your badge handy and secure with our excellent collection of custom badge lanyards. With a wide variety of printing styles, materials, attachments, colors, sizes and shapes, you can showcase your organization’s brand, logo or text while keeping its design unique and stylish. Custom lanyards are also great for events, fundraisers or as a giveaway item for trade shows. Keep your brand and logo/text imprinted not only on the lanyards, but also on people’s minds.

We offer high-quality custom lanyards at everyday low wholesale prices. These are ideal for schools, businesses, military, government agencies, hospitals, churches and other institutions. No matter what type of lanyards you need, we have you covered.

Lanyard Styles

From flat, woven, tubular, nylon and dye-sublimated, there are many lanyard style options to choose from. We offer variations to suit everyone’s unique tastes and needs.

Flat Polyester Lanyards

Flat polyester lanyards are our most popular style of custom badge lanyards. Made from a top-quality polyester material, these lanyards offer the perfect balance between cost and function. You can wear our flat polyester lanyard with comfort with your brand name and logo/text proudly printed on top.

Woven Polyester Lanyards

Weave your logo or text into the fabric with our woven lanyards. Using an embroidery-like weaving process, woven polyester lanyards provide an elegant, well-defined look. Since more complex lettering will not be as legible, woven lanyards are recommended for simple logos or texts.


Nylon Lanyards

If you’re looking for premium quality lanyards that provide the most brilliant and visible finish, get our extremely durable Nylon badge lanyards. The nylon material can endure wear and tear and it gives shine that allows the imprinted text or logo to stand out, creating an appealing and engaging appearance. If quality is your main concern, nylon lanyards are your perfect choice.

Tubular Lanyards

Tubular lanyards are fashioned with tube-stitched polyester material similar to the look and feel of a typical shoelace. This style is the most economical choice without compromising performance. Tubular lanyards are the best option if you’re looking for the most cost-effective, custom printed lanyards.

Dye Sublimated Lanyards

Dye sublimated lanyards are your best choice if you’re looking for a truly exciting and unique design. The dye sublimation process allows intricate logos, multiple colors and fine line colors to be completely fused into the polyester fabric. The imprint will not fade, crack or wear off, making dye sublimated lanyards the toughest amongst all types of lanyards.

Color Options

With our extensive selection of lanyard colors, we are sure to have the exact color/s you are looking for. Either you need to distinguish between employee and visitor ID, or simply have the specific color that matches your brand, you can rely on us to ensure that your specifications and preferences are met.

We have just about every color and shade—from black, white, gray, brown, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green, purple, pink and everything in between. Name it and we’ll deliver.

Benefits Of Using Badge Lanyards

Badge lanyards allow you to keep your identification easily visible at all times while keeping your hands free. Unlike clips or pins, lanyards keep your badge held in place without damaging your garment. Our lanyards also have safety features that provide comfort as well as security.

Badge Holders

Pair our quality lanyards with our equally amazing badge holders and you’re all set to have a stylish and professional look. We offer high quality badge holders that conveniently keep key cards, ID badges and similar items on display and always ready for use. Our badge holders come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and in either horizontal or vertical formats, to fit everyone’s card requirements.

We offer just about everything you need to create unique badge lanyards that everyone in the organization will love. We have special wholesale rates that will surely excite you. With our broad range of lanyard styles, shapes, sizes and colors, you can carry your brand name and logo in the most convenient and stylish way.

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