What You Need to Know about Golf Bags

A golf bag is probably one of the most important pieces of golf equipment because it bears all the essentials. With a substandard golf bag, things end up being cluttered inside the bag. It should similarly fit the role of a caddie, carrying items to free your hand and bearing game tools that can be acquired without trouble. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned expert in golf, here are some of the things you need to consider when buying a new golf bag.

Rain protection


It’s quite hard to guess the weather in the course so it’s better to be prepared when you’re surprisingly caught up in bad weather condition. A golf cart with weatherproof material is important to shield your tools and equipment. Tailor-made golf offers the 2014 SLDR stand bag with an umbrella sleeve and rain hood.

New designs and features


A lot of innovation has been emerging on golf bag designs. Some zippers become functional and comes in slants that can be unfastened by just one hand. Some exhibit dual straps that quickly slide off to the shoulders. With Rock bottom golf, you can get the latest Taylor made golf stand bag with a towel loop, seven pockets with insulation and velour lining and a nylon patterned handle.

Easy to carry


The transportability of the bag is also important especially if you’re always on the go. It should be able to fit into several modes of carriage. Some bags may be very heavy because of some materials in it. If you’re going to carry it around a lot, choose the one that’s easy to transfer. One of the most advanced golf bags has a handle assembled into the top edge of carry golf bags. Taylor made golf 2014 model only weighs 5.5 pounds despite the high end metal hardware used.



Some golf enthusiasts worry about equipment crashing against each other while inside a golf bag. To secure your golf bag shaft protection, use sturdy cushion that creates a solid division inside your bags. If the divider is hard enough, the paint on your shaft protection may wear out. There are even bags with tools that can grip your items in place while inside the bag to prevent them from cluttering. Another remedy is to keep those covers that you get upon buying and use them as protective covering of your metal woods and clubs.Golf-Bags

 Although dividers do a valuable purpose of organizing your clubs, having a complete 14-way slot can be too weighty. Having six to seven sections is enough, unless you really want to carry with you an entire set with you every time.



For those who are often paying in a cart, the straps shouldn’t be a problem. A strap with padding is most comfortable but those with a stand is more convenient when you will be playing for a short time on a range. Golf cart bags today aren’t as baggy as the trunks in the past. There are more side pockets that are more manageable. They cater to the needs of golfers without a cart. There are some straps with a high end cushion that makes the straps less heavy on one side to create a balance to combat inclined areas. Taylor made golf has created bags with a four point shoulder strap and hip pads that are custom made to fit the needs of golfers.

You can get the latest Taylor made bag through the Rock bottom site with free shipping. It is one of the premiere brands when it comes to golf tools and the bag only costs $199.95. They also have cart bags, cart towel, gloves, golf balls, drivers, umbrellas putters, clubs and even elegant glove cases.