Why Custom Challenge Coins Are Special For Students

Challenge CoinsEducational institutions use different ways to promote their organizations. Conventional and popular methods include the use of coffee mugs, pens, and T-shirts with a logo of their schools. Challenge coins are one of the latest marketing ideas that schools use. Creating custom challenge coins for your school is great for promoting your organization. Because these coins offer a unique way of marketing, they are becoming more and more popular in schools these days.

Another reason for its popularity is because of the fact that teachers and school administrators want something more tangible in order to show appreciation and pride to their students, and also to motivate them to do better. This is something that other marketing items fail to achieve. There are also lots of options available for the design of these custom challenge coins. The experts can help you come up with a design that features a unique image that represents your school.

Where Challenge Coins Started

The US military has an age-old tradition of using a challenge coin, which is why these coins are sometimes also called military coins. Since World War I, these coins have been given out to soldiers as a way of honoring them and as a reward for a successful mission. Moreover, military servicemen used these coins to have a sense of unity among them. Many years later, different schools use them to express pride among the students and to promote the development of friendships.


Following what the military has started, schools also now honor their students using customized challenge coins, particularly their graduates. Educational leaders use these coins to acknowledge their students in the special moments of their lives.

What Schools are Using These Coins?

Schools all throughout the world are giving away custom coins to their students to ignite their school pride. Deans, administrators, and leaders of training corps give these items as a token of appreciation and also to honor their graduates. The educational institutions that use these coins include:

• Universities and colleges

• High schools

• ROTC or Reserve Officers’ Training Corps

• JROTC or Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

These schools understand that a custom coin is a great way to recognize the achievements of their students and it is something that they can treasure for a long time.

Handing Out Custom Challenge Coins in Schools

Leaders know the importance of encouraging young people to have a sense of pride for their achievements. Many schools hand out special coins during these occasions:

• Sport events, particularly when the school wins state championship tournaments

• Graduations

• Helping in the community

• Academic achievements, such as being a valedictorian or achieving honor roll status

• Positive behavior

When schools recognize these moments in their students’ lives, adults demonstrate the behavior they work hard for as good citizens that they want young people to do as well. These special coins allow the students to remember the events that are so special to them. Challenge coin manufacturers can imprint a design on the coins with a unique emblem that students would associate with their school.

Common Designs of Challenge Coins

There are numerous types of designs that educational institutions can imprint of the face of a custom challenge coin to celebrate a special event. These are some of the most common types of designs:

• School logo

• Class slogan

• Graduation year

• Student’s name

• School mascot

These are excellent options that your school can choose from when designing your challenge coin. Certainly, the good thing about these coins is that you can customize them in many different ways. One of the most important things you have to remember when creating your own challenge coin is to make sure that they are unique. They have to be something that people would instantly recognize that is part of your school. You can do this by using the common designs stated above, especially the school logo and mascot, which can be easily identified as connected to your school.

Custom Challenge Coins

The manufacturers  believe that the accomplishments of the youth set them on the right path to become successful as adults. The schools must understand that these accomplishments are important to students. For this reason, it is just right to honor students with special tokens like custom challenge coins. Many schools are already aware of this that is why they give out these coins during their programs. Whether it is for winning a major sporting event or graduation ceremony, the designs on the coins will have a huge impact on the student’s life. Therefore, your design should be unique and meaningful.

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